Masks On! Initiative 

Masks On! is a community initiative where the sale of each 100% cotton face mask covers the cost of a mask donated to local organizations and those in need. 

Since March of 2020 Kristen has sewn and donated over 750 re-usable cotton face masks to local organizations, non-profits and groups across the country. 

 Need a mask for yourself or your child? Want to help provide free masks to those in need?

Masks are $10 each, every mask purchased covers the cost of a donated mask. Thank you for helping to keep your neighbors safe! 

Please contact us at to see what colors and patterns of Adult and Children’s sized masks are currently available. 


Masks are sewn from new, 100% cotton double layered, elastic straps, pocket for additional filter and wire over nose for fitting. 


Who: Adults and children in need of bright and beautiful re-usable, cotton face masks. Community members who want to help keep others safe by wearing masks and helping provide face masks to those in need. 

When: On-going, until there is no longer a need for face masks

Where: To order please email Local no-contact pick up or delivery available in Berkshire County- please be in touch!

Pollinator Garden Share

Do you care about pollinators and want to learn more about creating a pollinator habitat? Want to expand your existing pollinator garden with additional plants to feed birds, butterflies and bees? Let us help turn your home garden into a pollinator paradise!

Our Pollinator Garden Share includes a variety of 15 perennial and self-seeding annual pollinator plants to help feed native pollinators and honeybees throughout the year. You will receive 15 plant shares in the form of  seeds, cuttings or live plants as well as a jar of Olsen Farm honey and bee pollen.

We have selected a variety of hearty perennial plants that grow in zone 5A to help attract native pollinators, honeybees, birds and butterflies to your yard through the seasons.

$180.00 price for full Pollinator Share

What a Pollinator Garden Share looks like: 

  • 15 of our favorite pollinator plants, seeds or cuttings including bee balm, lungwort, daffodil, red raspberry, pussy willow, common milkweed, lilac, anise hyssop and more!
  • Share of Olsen Farm raw honey and bee pollen
  • Planting instructions included with each seed pack, cutting or live plant
  • Site visit from Olsen Farm’s farmers to your garden for planting advice optional
  • Substitutions can be made depending upon your growing space, please be in touch with questions

Who: Those interested in creating or expanding pollinator-friendly gardens across Berkshire County

When: Available starting May, 2022

Where: Pick up from Olsen Farm, Lanesborough MA

Egg Share

Knowing where your food comes from and how it was produced is important to us- happy chickens lay delicious and nutritious eggs. Starting in April of 2022 we will be offering weekly Egg Shares of one dozen Olsen Farm fresh eggs once a  week!
  • Our chickens happily graze the farm’s fields during the day, eating insects and plants and are supplemented daily with pellet feed
  • We have a mixed flock of standard and bantam (miniature) chickens who lay a variety of colorful eggs including brown, blue, pink, cream, olive and green! 
  • Egg Shares can be picked up at Olsen Farm on Sunday mornings. * Delivery may be an option, please reach out with questions. 

$140.00  for  30 weeks of farm-fresh eggs, one dozen eggs per week *Individual 

Egg Shares are limited as we have a small flock. Eggs may not be available certain times of year due to incubation, molting (shedding feathers), predator activity or seasonal changes. We will notify egg share customers prior to changes in availability when possible. 

Who: Local people who love eating fresh, local food!

When: Weekly, beginning in Spring 2022

Where:  Pick up from Olsen Farm, Lanesborough MA

Bee Bundle

Honey is currently SOLD OUT for 2021- More information about our Bee Bundle for 2022 coming soon!

Who: Local honey and bee product lovers!

When: Spring 2022

Where: Pick up from Olsen Farm, Lanesborough, MA