Egg Share

Knowing where your food comes from and how it was produced is important to us- happy chickens lay delicious and nutritious eggs. Starting in April of 2022 we will be offering weekly Egg Shares of one dozen Olsen Farm fresh eggs once a  week!
  • Our chickens happily graze the farm’s fields during the day, eating insects and plants and are supplemented daily with pellet feed
  • We have a mixed flock of standard and bantam (miniature) chickens who lay a variety of colorful eggs including brown, blue, pink, cream, olive and green! 
  • Egg Shares can be picked up at Olsen Farm on Sunday mornings. * Delivery may be an option, please reach out with questions. 

$140.00  for  30 weeks of farm-fresh eggs, one dozen eggs per week *Individual 

Egg Shares are limited as we have a small flock. Eggs may not be available certain times of year due to incubation, molting (shedding feathers), predator activity or seasonal changes. We will notify egg share customers prior to changes in availability when possible. 

Who: Local people who love eating fresh, local food!

When: Weekly, beginning in Spring 2022

Where:  Pick up from Olsen Farm, Lanesborough MA