Pollinator Garden Share

Do you care about pollinators and want to learn more about creating a pollinator habitat? Want to expand your existing pollinator garden with additional plants to feed birds, butterflies and bees? Let us help turn your home garden into a pollinator paradise!

Our Pollinator Garden Share includes a variety of 15 perennial and self-seeding annual pollinator plants to help feed native pollinators and honeybees throughout the year. You will receive 15 plant shares in the form of  seeds, cuttings or live plants as well as a jar of Olsen Farm honey and bee pollen.

We have selected a variety of hearty perennial plants that grow in zone 5A to help attract native pollinators, honeybees, birds and butterflies to your yard through the seasons.

$180.00 price for full Pollinator Share

What a Pollinator Garden Share looks like: 

  • 15 of our favorite pollinator plants, seeds or cuttings including bee balm, lungwort, daffodil, red raspberry, pussy willow, common milkweed, lilac, anise hyssop and more!
  • Share of Olsen Farm raw honey and bee pollen
  • Planting instructions included with each seed pack, cutting or live plant
  • Site visit from Olsen Farm’s farmers to your garden for planting advice optional
  • Substitutions can be made depending upon your growing space, please be in touch with questions

Who: Those interested in creating or expanding pollinator-friendly gardens across Berkshire County

When: Available starting May, 2022

Where: Pick up from Olsen Farm, Lanesborough MA