When we first started working to save the farm, on top of farm work, fundraising and community outreach, I contacted local news papers, radio shows, and larger organizations to try and get the word out as far as possible. It is hard to ask for help. There is a lot of shame, and fear of rejection that can come with being vulnerable. But, in order for people to help- they have to know you need help. So I put our story out into the universe every chance I could get.

One of the organizations I reached out to was Mother Earth News Magazine. We have subscribed to M. E. N. for years, and love getting each new edition to see the next DIY projects, farm tips and self-sufficient projects. I emailed an editor and asked if they would be interested in publishing a story about our work to save the family farm- at the time the were not able to publish our story.

Things got busy- busier than busy- and I forgot all about my request, and the rejection.

Last month I was contacted by the Blogging Coordinator from Mother Earth News Blog and asked if I would be interested in writing monthly articles for their on-line readers. Because of the global health and economic crises more people were turning to M.E.N for homesteading, gardening and sustainability tips- they needed more writers to fill the need. I was honored, and I accepted!

Here is a link to my first article, from April 2020, about honeybee propolis and its benefits for bees and humans:


IMG_3029 copy

As always, thank you for reading- and for being part of our farm family <3